Master of Still Life Painting

Liam Belton was born in Dublin in 1947 and studied at the National College of Art from 1966 to 1972. He was elected Member of RHA in 1991 and served as Keeper from 1995 to 2001. Belton is renowned as a master of still life painting as he creates highly realistic compositions of meticulous detail. His painting style is influenced by Renaissance painters, it is also reminiscent of Photorealism and at times evokes the characteristics of Charles Brady. His still life paintings are unique because of his arrangement of subject matter, for example, an egg appears again and again within his paintings. Belton has also created some stunning nude paintings and landscapes over the years. The piece ‘Amorphous’ within the County Collection is an abstract composition which does not seem to link in to his more traditional pieces, but works to further demonstrate his mastery and skill in all genres of painting.

Belton is a member of Visual Artists Ireland (formerly Sculptors Society), Artists Association of Ireland, Haverty Trust Committee and was formerly a member of the Board of the National Gallery of Ireland. He is represented by the Peppercanister Gallery, Dublin.

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Amorphous by Liam Belton

Amorphous by Liam Belton


  • Allied Irish Bank
  • Dept of Labour
  • Office of Public Works
  • National Self-Portrait Collection
  • Limerick University
  • Greyfriars Municipal Art Gallery, Waterford

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