Ulster Museum

Distinguished International Artist Sonja Landweer was born in Amsterdam in 1933 and studied ceramics at the Amsterdam School of Industrial Design. In ...

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Sonja Landweer

Studied at Limerick School of Art & Design John Shinnors was born in Limerick in 1950 and studied painting and drawing under the guidance of Jack ...

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John Shinnors

Important and Distinguished Irish Painter Tony O’ Malley is an important and distinguished Irish painter of the twentieth century, he was born in Ca...

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Tony O’ Malley

Works in Batik and Screen printing Bernadette Madden born in Dublin and studied at the National College of Art and Design where she specialized in pai...

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Bernadette Madden

Influenced by Photorealism Martin Gale was born in Worcester in 1949 and moved to Ireland at a very early age. He was educated in Ireland and graduate...

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Martin Gale

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